Monday, November 16, 2015

Aerial Photos of Inglis Grain Elevators

A fellow named Graison Swaan posted a series of photos of the grain elevator row in Inglis, Manitoba to the Facebook Vanishing Sentinels group. These photos were taken using a drone (a DJI Phantom drone I believe) and are absolutely stunning. He was kind enough to permit me to post a few here. There are more in the Facebook group.

Inglis Elevator row - by Graison Swaan
I think that might be Graison standing on the road.

Drone photography opens up a lot of possibilities for the railfan or the landscape/grain elevator photographer.

You can refer to my visit to Inglis in late June. They looked great on the ground but they look just fantastic from the air!

I love this perspective.

The above photo reminds me of the Manitoba Pool Elevator calendar photos. The Pool had an annual calendar with aerial photos of towns with their elevators in them (I have two on my wall), and this would be right at home in those calendars.

The image below is my favourite - looking straight down on the N.M. Paterson elevator.

You can find Graison on Instagram (@graison) and Twitter (also @graison).

Thanks for those photos!

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Unknown said...

I saw these earlier Steve. Stunning is an under statement. Kinda puts you right in the drivers seat, doesn't it?
I looked at them a couple of times....'.a whole new perspective'.
Gotta get me one of them drones. Think what we could do, the photos(new heights) lol.