Tuesday, January 26, 2016

RDCs On the Chopping Block

Ex VIA 6133 in Moncton, June 2013 - saved from the scrapper!
This past week saw many of the RDCs (Rail Diesel Cars) at the former IRSI (Industrial Rail Services) facility in Moncton go on the chopping block... literally.

Since IRSI went into receivership in early 2012, the province and other creditors have been working to recover whatever they can.

IRSI had a large shop in the former diesel maintenance facility at Gordon Yard in Moncton, as well as a motley collection of former VIA RDCs, passenger cars, and a few diesel locomotives, as well as tools and other materials for the car repair work they were doing.
6221, 6114, 6130 and more at IRSI, June 2013
At the beginning of January 2016, the word went out that the shop and land had been sold, and IRSI's collection of RDCs was to be scrapped. Jason Shron, president of Rapido Trains and a well-known passenger train advocate, flew out to Moncton with locomotive mechanic/restorer Chris Fox to see if any could be saved. When they arrived on January 14th, the scrapping was already underway.

You can see a short video of the scrapping here (warning: not for the faint of heart railfan).

Jason and Chris examined the RDCs with locals Luc Doiron and Wendell Lemon, experienced railroaders both, and after negotiations, VIA 6133 was saved from the scrapper.


Now Rapido is asking for funding assistance to transport 6133 to Toronto and begin restoration. They estimate it will take a total of about $45,000 to move it and do an initial restoration. You can donate via PayPal by following the link at the bottom of the story of saving VIA 6133.

Ex CP 9250 at Delson, Quebec, July 2005
Railfans are notorious for saying that such-and-such unit "should be saved", and that "someone" should preserve unit X. It's easy to make those statements while sitting at home. People like Jason and the all-too-few museum volunteers and supporters around the country do the actual work of preserving our railway history.

I've put my money where my mouth is and made a donation. I'm also putting a link in my sidebar and I'll be doing my best to encourage others.

Will you help out?

Donate! (see bottom of his page)


Unknown said...

Its a shame none of these could have been repurposed by Via for use on lower density routes in the system.

AJ said...

These would have been a hoot here in Ottawa had the city/province had the good sense to add heavy rail like the GO system in Toronto to our infastructure. Seeing these do a couple of commuter runs a day between Arnprior and Walkley on the Beachberg Sub would have been money well spent in this city.

shnorth123 said...

It appears an ex BC Rail RDC was at IRSI back in 2013. not sure what the one with the orange & green stripes came from.