Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Photography on the Rails - Just Say No

Not cool
Yesterday I received a notice that someone had linked to my CN Bedford subdivision page. Curious, I followed it to find a Halifax-area photographer had taken photos of a young family on the rails, and referenced my page.

Not cool.

I messaged the photographer and asked her to remove the link.
Could you please remove the link to my web site ( I do not want my site to be associated with a photography session on train tracks. Thank you.
She replied and said she would. In the meantime, I posted about it on my personal Facebook feed and numerous people commented. A friend from Operation Lifesaver picked up on it and suggested that I change the page on my side to show rail safety information instead. Great idea! I changed it to redirect my rail safety page.

Keep Off
I'm pretty sure others commented on her page, and it's been taken down. I'm not going to mention who it was as the matter has been dealt with. Hopefully she will think twice about taking photos on railway property.

It's an epidemic. You don't have to look far to see many photos of people on tracks, including kids and even stock photos.

We need to teach kids to respect trains.

Parents too.

Recently a 15-year old girl's life was cut off far too soon after the car she was in was hit by a (CN) train near Elie, Manitoba on January 10. She fought for a long time but she died in early March.

My heart goes out to her and her father (who I believe was driving, and was hurt as well) and her family.

Last year 14 people died at railway crossings in Canada and 31 trespassers died in Canada (source).

Take the time to slow down and look both ways at crossings. Don't race the train. Don't walk down tracks. Simple things that can save your life.




Michael said...

Just today, a woman was killed while walking on the train tracks west of Kingston. It's tragic to see this happen, especially when such accidents are preventable. Good message, Steve. I was one who wandered onto railway property in the past and was lucky to have escaped any serious trouble.

Canadian Train Geek said...

I doubt there are statistics available, but I wonder how many of these "killed while walking on tracks" deaths are suicides. It's tragic no matter why it happened.