Friday, June 03, 2016

Follow Friday: CP Rail Manitoba and Minnesota Subdivision

On some forms of social media, Follow Friday is a tradition where people recommend that their readers go check out someone else's stuff. It usually has the hashtag #ff. I'm trying out the same idea here but for web sites and blogs.

I really encourage you to check out John Longhurst's blog "CP Rail Manitoba and Minnesota Subdivision".

John posts pretty frequently and shares a great variety of topics, from layout visits to his own layout to upcoming model railroad products to... Facebook, his most recent post. He mostly writes about model trains but some 1:1 scale trains creep in there too.

I posed 10 questions to John as part of my "10 Questions" series.

John has a beautiful layout that I am embarrassed to say I have never seen... it's embarrassing because he lives here in Winnipeg and has invited me over, but I have yet to take him up on it. I really should get on that.

Until I do that, go read John's blog... or at least read his 10 answers :)

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