Saturday, February 04, 2006

NB Southern sighting in McAdam, 2006/02/04

My daughter and I drove down to McAdam today to see if we could see any trains. We got away a bit late, and I arrived at the town limits just after noon. As soon as I turned the scanner on, I heard someone talking. I arrived at the yard to find four engines backing up to couple up to their train. The new crew arrived and they boarded the train after a bit of conversation with the outgoing crew.
NB Southern 2317 at the McAdam station

NBSR 2317 East started rolling at 12:18. I got a friendly wave from the engineer as they rolled by.
NB Southern 2317 in McAdam, NB
The train was 2317, 9803, 2319 and 2318 leading 22 cars (in order: 3 covered hoppers, 4 empty centerbeam flats, 2 boxcars, 1 well car (doublestacked), 1 CP flatcar (one container), 6 empty autoracks, 5 tank cars). It seemed odd to have four units for such a small train. Maybe they took a large train out last night.

After talking with one of the NB Southern yard crew for a while, Lauren and I went for lunch at the Family Cafe and then played in the playground. We returned to the yard to shoot NBSR 9801, standing by itself in the yard. It's obviously the St. Stephen job power these days. NBSR 434919 was in the middle of one of the yard tracks.

NBSR 9801

We wandered around and took a few more shots after that, then went home.

McAdam Station

Old boxcar


As you can see, it was a gorgeous day for taking photos.

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