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January 8 and 9, 2004

I found this old post I made on the AtlanticRails mailing list and thought I'd share it with you.

Not a bad couple of days for watching trains, except for the cold!

2004/01/08 08:25, Location: Miramichi - UPM Outside Yard
Saw UPM 711 moving about.

2004/01/08 08:30, Location: Miramichi - NBEC Yard
In yard: NBEC 6905

Since the normal two RS-18s weren't there, I went looking. I found them down on the wharf spur:

2004/01/08 08:48, Location: Miramichi - Newcastle Port
-- (Train #578) Leaving port area: NBEC 1814, NBEC 1821, BCOL 100247, BCOL 100394, CNA 404833, CNA 404831
-- Left at port: CV 50062, CV 50016, BCOL 850261, BCOL 80311

I shot them leaving the port, crossing Pleasant Street and then after they crossed highway 430. It's pretty easy to keep ahead of them as they have to stop for the crossings to let the brakeman out to flag. It was a beautiful day for video, except for the bitter cold.

2004/01/08 18:30, Location: Miramichi - NBEC Yard
The night switcher (train 580) was shunting with NBEC 1814, NBEC 1821. As I said in a previous post, they were having brake problems due to the cold. I chatted with the brakeman for a bit but he was pretty busy fixing problems.

2004/01/08 19:43, Location: Miramichi - NBEC Yard
VIA 15 arrived at 19:30 and left at 19:43.
VIA 6424 / 6410 / 8619 / 8141 / 8139 / 8130 / 8511 / LOUISE / LEMOYNE / CADILAC / LAVAL / PAPINEAU / MARQUETTE / DOLLIER / BAYFIELD / YOHO PARK

Right after VIA left, the night switcher left. I shot them leaving the yard.

2004/01/08 19:50, Location: Miramichi - NBEC Yard
-- (Train #580) Left with work for UPM and Weyerhauser.: NBEC 1814, NBEC 1821, UTLX 646047, LW 50115, CN 598166, TILX 16254, ENGX 15149, ACFX 45971, ENGX 15232, ENGX 15255

I zoomed ahead of them to the bridge over the highway outside UPM and thought I'd catch them there. Due to the new intersection there, there's a nice little "parking lot" just up from the bridge where you can stand trackside. I waited there in the bitter cold for a few minutes, then figured they must have beat me to UPM. Of course, they rolled by just as I was waiting at the lights. Darn it!

They left a few tankers at UPM then continued on. I shot them from the other end of the bridge.

2004/01/08 20:19, Location: Miramichi - Repap Outside Yard
-- (Train #580) Leaving Repap for Weyerhauser: NBEC 1814, NBEC 1821, UTLX 646047, LW 50115, CN 598166

Not much happening in the yard in the morning of the 9th.

2004/01/09 07:40, Location: Miramichi - NBEC Yard
-- In yard: NBEC 6905
-- (Train #578) Idling: NBEC 1814, NBEC 1821

I stopped by the yard around 12:45 and a friendly brakeman informed me that #402 from Campbellton would be arriving soon. I set up outside the VIA station and waited. Sure enough, they showed up with three SD40s as power. I happened to be just in the right spot as the last car stopped right beside me. They had spotted the head end at the NBEC shack.

2004/01/09 13:06, Location: Miramichi - NBEC Yard
-- (Train #402) Arriving: NBEC 6900, NBEC 6901, CFMG 6906, 32 cars
-- In yard: NBEC 6905
-- (Train #578) Idling: NBEC 1814, NBEC 1821

On my way out of Miramichi, I saw UPM 711 going onto the main line. Unfortunately, I was out of time and couldn't stop to watch.

2004/01/09 13:30, Location: Miramichi - Repap Outside Yard
-- UPM 711 going onto the main line / bridge

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