Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moncton on Saturday

I took all my kids to the Moncton Model Train and Car Show this past Saturday, April 12. We headed up the Trans-Canada Highway in the rain and arrived in Moncton at about 11:20. I wanted to shoot VIA 14, so we had about 25 minutes to kill. I drove down Delong Drive and saw that CN 4775 and 4721 were shunting the far end of the yard, while shiny clean CN 2283 and 2281 were idling near the container cars. I would guess the latter two had just brought a container train in.

On my way out, I saw a freight had pulled out of the yard and was waiting in the siding for VIA 14 to pass. It had 2 units but I couldn't get the unit numbers from where I was. Since I had my kids with me, I didn't want to stand on the overpass. I grabbed one quick shot from the overpass.

We went to Marsh Junction to wait for the Ocean there. It didn't take long for the crossing bells to start ringing.

I raced to the tripod, started the video camera, and started shooting stills as the Ocean tilted through the curve.

You can see it was raining a fair bit. VIA 6431 and 6436 were leading 11 Renaissance cars. After that, we went to the show. You can see pictures here.

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