Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

Ron Pelletier is reporting that CN 121 is trapped in Edmundston because of a landslide west of Edmundston, presumably due to the flooding. Could there be a CN detour over the NBEC?

CBC reports that some 20 Edmundston families have been evacuated so far. My heart goes out to those who have to leave their homes. I've had water in my basement a few times, but not to the extent that many in the province are enduring.

You can access the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization's River Watch site. They are forecasting the Saint John river will reach 8.6m above sea level in Fredericton tomorrow and Friday, which is just shy of the 1973 flood, the highest on record. Total inflows at Mactaquac right now are at 289,000 cubic feet/s and rising, forecast to hit 389,000 Thursday.

There are a number of flooded roads around the province, too. Drive safely!

This photo shows Morell Field in Fredericton on April 25, 2007. A lot less of that field is visible today.

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