Friday, May 30, 2008

Sydney Coal Railway GP38 Video

Here's something a little different. Keiichi902 filmed a Sydney Coal Railways (ex-DEVCO) GP38-2 rolling light through Sydney, NS. This is a sister unit to NB Southern's 231x engines. The caption of the video states it was going to pick up an NBEC RS18 in Sydney for repairs. In case you're wondering why NBEC units go to SCR for repairs, both NBEC and SCR are owned by the Quebec Railway Corporation. Eastern Railway Services (ERS) in Campbellton does a lot of engine repairs, but some engines are sent via CN and CBNS to Sydney for repairs that can't be done at ERS.

NB Southern watchers may remember that NBSR 2318 stayed in Devco colours for quite a while before being repainted into NBSR green, unlike sisters 2317 and 2319 which were repainted into Sunbury yellow almost immediately. Here's a video I made showing NBSR 2318 leading a westbound freight on July 23, 2005.

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