Friday, September 05, 2008

CFMG Derailment

I'm told the CFMG derailed two cars in Causapscal, Quebec on the Mont-Joli subdivision just before midnight last night. This has blocked the line in Quebec and forced some changes. The derailment is expected to be cleared soon.

VIA 615 returned to Campbellton and spent the day there, after turning on the wye in Matapedia this morning. It will become VIA 614 to Halifax Saturday morning.

NBEC train 402 arrived in Moncton at 14:45 with CFMG 6910 and 6909 leading 34 Ultramar cars (two rams of 17 cars each). Likely the empty Ultramar cars will go west on the Napadogan sub on CN 305 or 473 to the refinery in St. Romald, Quebec. Rumour has it that 6909 is going to Sydney.

EDIT: Réal D gave me the correct spelling for Causapscal and provided me a link to his video showing a forklift transferring lumber from a damaged centerbeam flatcar to another.


Unknown said...

Small correction on the name of the village or derailment occurred is in the right place but here's how it is written

Is not "Causcapical" but like this: "Causapscal"

And Here is a video taken with a camera. ".mov" but converted by google for this poor image.

It is the transshipment of timber that is about the car accident to a new car.

view video on youtube= watch?v=gnp7uhYHWCk

Réal D.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thank you, Réal - I have updated the spelling and added a link to your video.