Thursday, September 04, 2008

We Got Ourselves A Convoy

As I said in my previous post, a CN employee saw the lineup coming out of Winnipeg and said, "We got ourselves a CONVOY!"

The first westbound across the diamond was train #105 with CN 2220 and 2656 and a solid intermodal train at 09:51. In this photo the engines have passed the signals protecting the diamond.

Next up was CN 5683 and 2441 with a 162 car merchandise train at 10:08. This photo shows the engines have already passed the diamond and are by the west-facing signals.

My time was up at this point, so I packed everything up and took a few shots of CN Diamond before heading back to the Perimeter. I decided to have "one more look" trackside before going, and to my surprise there was another westbound. Westbound CN train #199 with 5714 and 5242 rolled under the TCH at 10:31 with another solid intermodal train. I don't know the car count because I ran out of tape after the first 50 or so platforms, but they said they had 10,053 feet.

The conductor told the RTC they had a student conductor on board, and sure enough, here he or she is, between the two regular crew members:

I got the "clear signal" to head home so that was the end of the CONVOY for me. Six trains in two hours - not bad at all!

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jddc.trains said...

I enjoyed reading your Saskatchewan series. Great job!