Sunday, April 19, 2009

NB Southern Eastbound Saturday (part 1)

It was such a beautiful day that I had to go see some trains. My two youngest kids and I went to chase the NB Southern. I heard the freight was arriving in McAdam around noon, so I figured 2 PM in Tracy would be safe. I arrived there shortly before two, then headed west to Vespra to wait at the beginning of the dirt road.

There were two gentlemen already there, Mike and Peter? Peverett from Maine. We talked for a few minutes before the train showed up at 13:56. NBSR 2317 and 9802 provided the power for the 28 cars in the consist.

I shot them again at the next crossing of highway 645.

I easily beat the train to Tracy, and shot them once more at the side of the road. You can see the two Peveretts on the bridge.

The next shot, I decided, would be at Fredericton Junction by the station. I set up midway between the station and the caboose and got them there at 14:14.

I was a little behind them once they passed, so I elected to get the cross-the-field shot at Blissville by the cemetery. First, the traditional shot:

Then something a little more artistic:

Part 2 coming up later today...

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