Sunday, April 19, 2009

NB Southern Eastbound Saturday (part 2)

Continued from part 1...

For my next shot, I decided to go to Wirral. I had never shot a train there, so why not? They rolled through at 14:43. I took a few long-distance shots before they rolled past the siding.

I passed the boys at Clarendon and then threaded my way through an accident scene, before arriving at Welsford Lake. What a nice location! The train came through at 14:58.

The train beat me to the western crossing at Welsford, and then we got stuck behind it at the highway crossing. So, my next shot was my favourite S-curve on the beginning of the Riverside Road.

I took a grab shot at the side of the road next.

At Westfield Beach, I parked at the post office boxes and sprinted to the overpass to get this shot at 15:22.

At 15:29, the boys and I took the Grand Bay curve shot.

The kids were getting restless, so I promised them one more shot before we packed it in. I decided on the overpass shot near the Co-Op.

That was the end of a great chase.

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