Thursday, November 05, 2009

CP 1867

CP 1867 in Fredericton, February 8 1992. Photo by Brian Barchard
Brian Barchard emailed me after my post about NBEC 1867 and others sent for scrap and had this to say about CP 1867:

"Nice clear shot of NBEC 1867 on your blog today.

Here is a view of CAR Extra 1867 North, on the Gibson Sub, Feb. 08, 1992, with 20 cars.......6 tank, 4 box, 1 covered hopper, 9 2:30 pm, snowing at the time. RS-23 8042 was running mate to 1867.

1867 made four additional trips over the Gibson, my last recorded one being Feb.14, 1992. In fact, I sighted no more RS-18's, as RS-23's became the regular road power, to the end of service, Nov. 1993.

Thus, 1867, according to my extensive log book entries, was the last RS-18 to operate over the Gibson Sub."

Thanks for that, Brian!

CP 1867 was built as CP 8765 in April 1958 with a high hood. It was rebuilt by CP and renumbered to 1867 in 1989. It was sold to the New Brunswick East Coast Railway in April 1998.

There are only two photos of NBEC 1867 on RailPictures, one of mine and one B&W photo by Pat Schmidt. There are no photos of CP 1867 on RailPictures at all, and all the photos of CP 8765 on RailPictures are of the shiny new ES44AC.

I personally saw NBEC 1867 on 17 different days. It was an active unit in the NBEC fleet.

51 years old.. now off to be scrapped. Sigh.

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