Sunday, November 15, 2009

NB Southern Units at Hudson Bay Railway

NBSR 3744, 3788, test unit 2001
NBSR 3744 and 3788 with test unit 2001 in Saint John">

Geoff Sockett alerted me that there are still a few ex-NB Southern GP9s kicking around. The Hudson Bay Railway bought a few when they were retired by NBSR. Ex-NBSR 3764, 3787 and 3788 are dead and being used for parts. Surprisingly, ex-NBSR 3757 is alive and pulling, painted in Omnitrax colours. This is a photo of OSSX 3757.

NB Southern had eight ex-Southern Pacific GP9 units: 3735, 3744, 3757, 3760, 3764, 3787, 3788, and 3795. All of them were disposed of in 2001.

Earlier this fall I posted about NBSR 3735 being scrapped in 2003.

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