Thursday, January 27, 2011

End of the Line?

I just received an email from the Honourable David Alward, Premier of New Brunswick, about the termination of the New Brunswick Recreational Rail Riders' lease:

Dear Mr. Boyko:

RE: Cancellation of Crown Lands Lease

This is in response to your e-mails addressed to myself and the Minister of Natural Resources dated December 8, 2010 regarding the cancellation of the lease to the New Brunswick Recreational Rail Riders.

As the lessee was advised by letter, this lease is being cancelled in order to enable the establishment of a multi-use recreational trail. This particular section connects to SentierNBTrail and developing this corridor as a multi-use trail will provide a greater variety of uses to a broader public, rather than limiting it to a few people.

I appreciate your interest in this matter.


Honourable David Alward

Here's the letter I wrote.

Dear Mr. Alward,

I am writing to protest the decision to terminate the lease for the New Brunswick Recreational Rail Riders of the 9.5 miles of track in the Nackawic-Millville area. This group has used and maintained the railway track for over ten years and deserves to continue to use this land. They have been responsible users of the land, paid their lease dues, and improved the property with no assistance from government.

I would like to know the reasons for terminating their lease. My contact information is listed below.

Please reconsider this termination. Thank you.

Steve Boyko


Brian B. said...


Kudos to you for your having gained a response from the " powers to be. "

When I hear the term " Multi - use Recreational trail " it translates to one ATV trail in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter. Once the TV's get their grip on the trail, it will turn into just another rutted path and unusable for bicyclists, hikers etc.

I biked down the former Gibson Sub right of way in 2000 from Millville to F'ton. The trail was rough and the speeds the TV's were travelling, made it somewhat unsafe and disturbing. As I approached nearer to Fredericton, my adventure became more " civilized ", as motorized trail usage is controlled.

The Nackawic Golf Course's 4th fairway runs parallel to the Nackawic Spur.....I can't imagine golfers will be too pleased with motorized rec vehicles buzzing by the course.

Certainly, I feel the government decision with lease termination is to appease a party supporter.....the contractor who wants to remove the rail.

I understand the Recreational Rail Group has had discussion concerning leasing the former CN Dennison Sub.....hopefully this will bring fruition for them.


Canadian Train Geek said...

I agree, Brian, "multi-use" means "recreational vehicle". I remember walking down the old railway ROW to see the Burtts Corner station and almost being run over a few times by ATVs... even on the section clearly marked "no motorized vehicles".

I think there are a few problems with the Dennison Sub, namely location and grade... but I guess it is better than nothing.