Thursday, January 24, 2013

My First Trains of 2013

The first trains I saw in 2013 were on January 1, in the morning. I was returning from taking someone to the airport and stopped at the CN Rivers subdivision to see if anything was coming.

I went out to Diamond, and the west-facing lights were lit. TRAIN! I went out to the curve west of Diamond and it was not long before headlights were visible to the west. They turned out to be on CN 8920 leading an eastbound intermodal (with IC 2699 and CN 2242). I took a few shots on the curve and then hit the road.
CN 8920 in Winnipeg
Fortunately they had a LIMITED TO CLEAR signal to cross over to the north track, so that slowed them enough for me to get ahead of them after Diamond. I took a few shots from the side and then leap-frogged them again.
CN 8920 in Winnipeg
Note the heavy frost on these engines, on the nose and on the louvres.

Once more I got ahead of them and saw they were meeting a westbound. I tried to gauge the meet as best I could and hopped out to get the shot.
CN 2336 meets CN 8920 in Winnipeg
The westbound was another intermodal train, with CN 2336, CN 2537 and pusher CN 8811 on the rear. I processed this in black and white to show the frost.

I sped ahead of the westbound to get this shot right at mile 7. Nice wave from the conductor!
CN 2336 in Winnipeg

Again I was able to get ahead of the train, just before Diamond.
CN 2336 in Winnipeg

Much to my surprise I saw an eastbound freight west of Diamond. I "shot the meet".
CN 2291 and CN 2537

The intermodal had CN 8811 on the rear. Check out what is written in the grime between the engine numbers on 8811.
CN 8811 in Winnipeg
Yes, I'm 12 for noticing that and posting it. ;)

The eastbound freight sat there west of Diamond for quite a while, waiting for their light. I think it might have been CN 198 but I don't know for sure. The second unit was BCOL 4641 (in CN colours). After maybe half an hour they started up and crossed over to the north track.
CN 2291

I gave chase as usual. I got the next shot under the transmission line towers. I had been meaning to get a train here, and since I had shot CN 2291 a couple of times already I figured I could "waste" a shot to frame this up.
CN 2291 under transmission towers
Right after that I was again surprised by another meet. A westbound intermodal met them near the Perimeter. The westbound was probably CN 101 and had CN 2296 on the head end, CN 8876 in the middle and IC 2709 pushing on the rear. I grabbed a quick shot of CN 2296 but I was able to get a better shot of the middle unit CN 8876 near mile 10.
CN 8876 as DPU

Finally, here's IC 2709 heading west (left) and CN 2291 heading east (right).
CN 2291 and IC 2709 meet

So many meets!


Owen Laukkanen said...

Loved this post. Awesome pics!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thank you, Owen, and thanks for commenting!

Karl A. said...

Great shots as always, you really captured the cold well! The frosted intake grills and the DPUs keeping the air pressure up when the temps are low. Thanks for posting them!