Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Long Journey For NBSR 2319

NBSR 2319, one of NB Southern's GP38-2 engines, has been spotted in several places in the USA. She's far away from home, destined for Michigan for engine block work.

Sam Sponseller spotted her in Willard, Ohio yesterday amongst a number of CSX engines.
Photo by Sam Sponseller, used with permission
Her journey started in November when Harry Gordon spotted her behind some Pan Am engines on the 15th of November near Northern Maine Junction (link).

On December 20th she was photographed in the CSX Selkirk Yard near Albany, NY (link).

She was recently spotted on a railfan web cam in Berea, OH (link).

Hopefully more photos will surface as she continues to Michigan!

NBSR 2319 in Saint John, November 2007


Karl A. said...

That paint scheme reminds me of the old Nobles Rock Railroad in southern Minnesota. I hope the repairs are quick for this one.

Canadian Train Geek said...

I always thought it was reminiscent of the M-K-T as well.