Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Claus Conspiracy

There's a rumour afoot that Santa Claus, that benevolent supplier of presents to children worldwide, doesn't just use his reindeer-powered sled to deliver presents. One man - Craig Waarheid - is convinced the jolly old elf gets help from a huge, diesel-powered entity.

None other than...

CSX is declining to comment, via this Facebook post.

Post by CSX.

The company did email me to say that "CSX can confirm that Craig previously worked at CSX but is no longer employed by our company. At this time, we are releasing as much information as possible via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regarding Craig’s suspicions about CSX working with Santa Claus."

But wait! Now there's a trailer that promises to reveal more about this long-running, horsepower-enriched holiday conspiracy.

Visit The Claus Conspiracy to learn more.


Robert in Port Townsend said...

Video was jerky-jerky. Gave up on it. If the point was to debunk Santa, not received well. My sister and I actually saw Santa in 1951.

AJ said...

"My sister and I actually saw Santa in 1951."

Now I'd LOVE to hear a blog post on that one!