Friday, May 06, 2016

Follow Friday: Shane Stewart's Canadian Railroads

On some forms of social media, Follow Friday is a tradition where people recommend that their readers go check out someone else's stuff. It usually has the hashtag #ff. I'm trying out the same idea here but for web sites and blogs.

I was doing some web searches and stumbled across Shane Stewart's Canadian Railroads. Shane's web site features some excellent drawings and photos of Canadian locomotives and rolling stock, photos of many Alberta grain elevators, train stations and a lot more.

Check out his moving train GIFs, for example. Click on one of the links on the left to view a VIA passenger train GIF, a CN ballast train (complete with Operation Lifesaver caboose and orange ballast cars, dumping gravel with a crew walking beside operating the doors), and several more.

I like his list of Alberta grain elevators as well. I saw Foremost and Skiff and others from the CP Stirling subdivision.

See Shane's site at !

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