Friday, May 13, 2016

Follow Friday: Yukon Yeti

On some forms of social media, Follow Friday is a tradition where people recommend that their readers go check out someone else's stuff. It usually has the hashtag #ff. I'm trying out the same idea here but for web sites and blogs.

This Friday I wanted to feature a Flickr user, "Yukon Yeti". I don't know his real name but he has some great railway photos!

Here's a selection of Canadian-related photos. A lot of them are in the British Columbia area but he certainly gets around.
The Royal Canadian Pacific...Despite all that present day CP is or is not, the RCP is a welcome departure from the mundane.
BCR British Columbia Railway B39-8 #1700 North Vancouver Sept. 21 2002
CP Canadian Pacific Hudson #2816 MP 113 LAGGAN SUB May 22, 2003
CP Canadian Pacific #8637 Ashcroft, BC June 29, 2010
QCM M636 #71 Mile Post  3 Aug 21, 1999
Santa Fe PA1 #74 Barstow, CA  June, 1968
How did this one get in the Canadian list? ;)
He has a lot of American photos as well as European trains... and a good mix of roster-style photos and action photos. Highly recommended.

Check out Yukon Yeti's Flickr stream!

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