Sunday, November 13, 2005

New video online

I've put a new video on my video page featuring the VIA Veteran's Train approaching Amherst, NS on November 9th.


I hope everyone who chases the return train today gets good pictures! It looks like a great day for photos.


Chris McMahon said...

what an amazing shot of #15, westbound of the ocean from the TCH at Amherst, I work myself for VIA Rail, the past 5.5 years between amherst & sackville stations, residing in Dorchester, NB for 9 years, now settled in sackville nb. I was always hoping for a chance to take a day to do a "train chase", especially this special remembrance day train,a dedicated train for the vets relatives, & friends, but was part of the frontline festivities in moncton where i now work doing baggage. Over my past 5.5 years between amherst / sackville, I have taken approx 400 different train pictures on my 35mm camera. I am currently seeking older train pictures / clips of passenger & freight trains that used to run out of sackville NB, destined for Cape Tormentine NB, ANY Older pics, 8x10's, shots of the 1960's-80's, specifically in the sackville area. My mailing adress is: Chris McMahon, 141 Queens Road, Sackville NB, E4L 2B5, I'm hoping someone can help me. thank you

Steve Boyko said...

Hi Chris, I believe I met you at the Amherst station early this year in a snowstorm waiting for VIA 14. I will see if I can find any photos for you. I didn't take any myself, since I didn't start railfanning until after the Tormentine sub was removed. I will ask around.