Monday, November 28, 2005

Pittsburgh sighting 4

I lucked into one more sighting tonight. On my way back from downtown Pittsburgh I had the scanner on and I heard a train doing some switching. It was engine 7206 talking and, since they were doing switching, I figured they were in Etna. I pulled off the highway and looked around but didn't see anything. I gave up and got back on the highway, only to hear them say they were facing a restricted signal at CP Sharp. I guessed they were on the move so I exited at Fox Chapel and found a spot by the tracks. They showed up within 30 seconds, yet another eastbound.

NS 7206 Fox Chapel, PA 2005/11/28

It was 7206 and Conrail 7200 leading a bunch of coal loads. The real surprise came at the end when I found NS 7215 and another Conrail 72xx unit pushing.

Conrail pusher Fox Chapel, PA 2005/11/28

The bright light to the right of the Conrail engine is the crossing light. I like seeing these Norfolk Southern units because the ditch lights flash alternately. Canadian ditch lights just stay on constantly.

I also saw a CSX train near Station Square, but I was up on the hill and I had no chance of reading any numbers. It was a single unit pulling a bunch of coal empties.

I heard a train at 2245 and another at 2300. It seems like a regular thing.

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