Monday, November 28, 2005

Pittsburgh sightings 2 and 3

I had a bit more luck with trainwatching later today.

Norfolk Southern freight

At lunch, I saw another Norfolk Southern train heading northeast in Harmar, PA at the junction of I76 and PA route 28. It had NS 9163 and 9711 pulling a long train of mostly tank cars. Of course, I was on the wrong side of a four-lane highway at the time so I couldn't get any pictures or video.

After my course ended, I went down to Fox Chapel and parked myself by a straight stretch of track to wait. I figured this was better than running up and down the road and missing another train. After about 35 minutes I heard someone say they cleared "Sharp", which I think is Sharpsburg. That told me another north/east freight was coming.

At 1650 it came into view - NS 9196, 9063, and I think 6717 leading a long long train of hopper cars. If it were Saskatchewan I'd say they were potash cars. It was almost dark by then and my camera had trouble focusing as the cars went by, so the video is not great. But at least I caught something!

EDIT: Added video.

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