Saturday, August 04, 2007

New Brunswick and Canada Railway

I recently won the "Manager's Report For the Year 1871" for the New Brunswick and Canada Railway on eBay. The NB&C was the successor to the St. Andrews & Canada Railway after it went bankrupt. Someday I will type the text of the report in for your reference but today I will just share the map.

In 1871 not all of the railways pictured on the map were actually in operation. I think the solid lines indicate railways in operation and the hatched lines are areas under construction.

The European & North American was complete, but just barely, with the last spike of the Western Extension between Saint John and Maine being driven on October 19, 1871 with U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant present. McAdam was already becoming important, as the junction between the NB&C and the E&NA.

The Intercolonial was under construction but not in operation at this time, except for a few sections acquired from other railways such as the E&NA and the Nova Scotia Railway.

The track between Woodstock and Fredericton was not laid until 1873, and it did not follow the arrow-straight line shown in this map.

I hope you like the map!

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