Thursday, August 16, 2007

Steve and Dave's Excellent Gaspe Adventure (part 3)

Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 4.

First off, while reviewing the video I see I misssed five locations we shot at before Port Daniel. At 05:40 I taped the train from the side of the road. It was a nice shot as the sun glinted off each car as it rounded a curve. I shot it again at 06:08 from the side of the road, and 06:17 across a field. After New Richmond I taped it coming out of an underpass at 07:54 and shortly afterward on a trestle at 07:59. There are many photo opportunities on the Gaspe line.

In part 2 I left off outside Chandler at 10:56. The next shot was a long detour to Barrachois and a lovely shot from up a hill. David found a spot in someone's backyard at the crest of a hill overlooking the line and the ocean. We saw her and asked permission to use her backyard. She said, "OK, but first answer me this - why do you keep taking the same pictures from the same place?" David looked to me, and I said, "don't ask me, this is my first time here!" Good question, though.

I just shot video at this location, but you can see the view from here:

Here's the train coming across the causeway at 11:37. The train looks tiny but keep in mind how many kilometers I am away from the train!

For the next shot we went down the highway to Douglastown. There is a nice beach there, a great location for photos. You can shoot the train around a long curve as it approaches the bridges, then a going-away shot afterward. This is the last shot before Gaspe. Here's David ready for action at 12:12.

Again, I shot mostly video here but I did get a shot at 12:21 as the train approached the bridges and another as it was passing over the bridges.

When we arrived in Gaspe, he was already at the station, since he had a much shorter distance to travel than we did. We drove around to the wye to shoot him turning the train. I saw the Noranda / Falconbridge / whatever facility that used to operate. The train backed from the station to the wye and backed down the non-main-line leg at 12:58.

After lunch at Adam's, we took a few shots of him at the station...

We then left well ahead of the train so we could get back to Douglastown. This time we decided to set up on a hill overlooking the beach. Here's David relaxing in the lawn chairs as we waited for the train to amble by.

It did come by at 14:45 and again I took mostly video. A good telephoto lens is beneficial!

I took a few photos of the Barachois station before going back up the hill to the lady's house for the return shot.

In my next post, you'll see the train at Perce station, the Abitibi-Price switcher at Chandler, and much more. :)

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