Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saint John on Friday

Another departure from the Gaspe posts... I was in Saint John on Friday and saw a few trains.

At 09:45 NBSR 2317 and 2610 were rolling along past Harbour Station to the west end of Island Yard. They stopped there, I guess to wait for clearance to enter. The light was nice that time in the morning.

In Island Yard, CN 2582 and 5550 were at rest, and GP9 CN 7010 was shunting.

Later, CN 305 was getting ready to head out at 13:30. Here's the tail end.

Over at Dever Road, NBSR 3703 was working her heart out pushing cars around at the west end.

I made a quick call to McAdam and discovered that the eastbound had left McAdam around noon, so it would be in Saint John soon. I hit the road, and just after the golf course in Westfield I heard a FRED chirp on the scanner. I pulled over and waited for the train to clear Westfield Beach. I shot him there, then backtracked to my favourite curve entering Grand Bay and got him at 14:15.

He had NBSR 9802, 2612 and 2318 with 34 cars (14 empty gypsum cars and about 12 wood chip cars).

After all that excitement, I was ready to head on. However, I noticed some activity at the ferry crossing by Westfield Beach. There was an NBSR pickup there working on the signals and a few people pointing at rails at the crossing. Just past that, an NBSR crane was getting ready to roll at Westfield Beach with some rails.

He got on the rails and headed toward Saint John.

That was enough for one day!

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