Monday, January 07, 2008

Train Material for Sale

I'm posting this on behalf of Gordon MacDonald, who acquired a few train booklets and is looking to sell them. They are:

Uniform Code of Operating Rules (UCOR) - CN Grand Trunk Western…Central Vermont - Duluth, Winnipeg, Pacific Rail (1 booklet August 26 1951)

CP Rail General, Train and Interlocking Rules (1 booklet July 5 1949)

Constitution and By-laws of Retired Rail Employees Assoc. Charlottetown October 15 1964 (1 booklet)

CN Rail Grand Trunk Rail System, Duluth, Winnipeg, Pacific, Central Vermont - Operating Rules (1 booklet dated July 1 1929)

CNR Rules and Regulations for the Operation of Trains under CENTRAL TRAFFIC CONTROL (1 booklet dated Aug. 1 1941)

The Timetable Collector 10th Anniversary April 1972 issue with inserts.

And a few more items…

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