Sunday, May 09, 2010

Shooting Slides in 2010?

I would have thought everyone was shooting digital now, but apparently some people are still shooting slides. Huh.


Mike said...

I've always been told that slides are the superior method of taking photos, due to their high resolution and also their longevity. I have to agree with the longevity, to some extent, because as time goes by we'll have to keep moving our digital images to newer media in order to keep reading them while you just need light to see a slide. :)

railwayfan said...

I shot some rolls of Kodachrome last November in Winnipeg at the elevated line near Union Station on the Forks market side and on the Canadian going from Toronto to Winnipeg as well as during a refueling stop in Hornepayne Ontario. Next month I will be shooting 2 rolls of AGFA Scala 200 when I am back in Winnipeg. Even though those 2 films have been sadly discontinued there are plenty of reversal films available.

Canadian Train Geek said...

To each his own. If you're comfortable with the medium, why not shoot it?