Monday, May 10, 2010

QTTX 130532 in Winnipeg at CG Power Systems
When I was waiting for CN 532 to arrive on Friday, I noticed a few flatcars up the line from where I parked. I walked up and found this company, CG Power Systems Canada makes distribution and power transformers. Some of those are very large, and many of them would ship by rail. QTTX 130532 is a depressed-center flatcar specially designed for shipping loads like these.

Interesting as that was, there was another, even larger flatcar there.
KRL 300301 in Winnipeg
This car is owned by Kasgro Rail Lines, and has a load limit of 200,000 lbs. More information on KRL 300301.

This company has two spur tracks at around mile 0.6 on the Letellier Subdivision, just south of Fort Rouge. I had no idea there were any online industries on the Letellier sub inside Winnipeg, other than the ones around Chevrier. You learn something new every day!


Eric said...

Looks like a fine place to photograph some dimensional loads, Steve. I've seen photos posted from that spur before, its previous business name was Pauwels, and it's located at 101 Rockman Street. Interesting to note that not all transformers the plant produces have to be on depressed-centre cars. Check out:


Adam p. said...

Nova scotia Power has been receiving some large loads at their plant in Dartmouth that resemble these things. I wonder if this is where they came from?

Canadian Train Geek said...

@Eric: I guess some of the shorter transformers don't need the depressed center.

Pauwels was recently renamed to CG Power Systems.

@Adam: Could be!