Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's Canadian and BNSF Transfer

VIA 6456 and the Canadian
I shot the Canadian for the first time in a while. As you can see, it has grown to a respectable size.

Right after VIA passed, the BNSF transfer train pushed out of their yard onto the CN main line to proceed to Fort Rouge. As you can see, the ditch lights were not on.
BNSF 3028 transfer train in Winnipeg


Graham said...

Hi Steve,

I am curious why the Canadian is powered by two units, while the combined Ocean / Chaleur (which I had the pleasure of riding earlier this month) has three units for power.

I expect the combined Ocean/Chaleur consist is less heavy than the Canadian, especially considering the Ocean was using Renaissance consist.

If the only reason three units are used is that the Ocean would still need two units east of Matapedia, then why does VIA not park the the third unit at Matapedia for the Chaleur when the combined train heads between Matapedia and Montreal?

Al in Vancouver

btw, I enjoy your posts on operating rules etc... keep up the excellent work!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Al, the Ocean / Chaleur has 3 units for the reason you say... 2 for the Ocean, 1 for the Chaleur.

I imagine VIA doesn't leave a unit in Matapedia for a couple of reasons. They would have to rotate the unit back to Montreal for service, they would have to fuel it in Matapedia, and it would be vulnerable to vandalism.

That being said, I understand VIA used to have a unit in Matapedia to protect the Ocean and Chaleur.

Thanks for the comment on my rules posts. :)