Thursday, June 10, 2010

CN in Edmonton, 2010/06/09

I am in Edmonton, Alberta for a short business trip. On the evening of the 9th, I went out with my new Canon T1i to see if I could have better luck with it than last time.

I am staying a hotel a short distance away from CN's Clover Bar yard in eastern Edmonton. I went to the west end of that yard and saw a slug set working the yard. CN 7518 and 7526 bracketed slug CN 508.
CN 7518 and friends in Edmonton, Alberta
Not a bad shot, taken from a distance with the kit lens of the T1i. Sports mode, my friends, sports mode!

Later, I decided to go a little west to Hayter Road. After a bit of a wait, CN 313 rolled into view. They pulled past me, then stopped and pushed back up the hill into Clover Bar Yard to make a pickup.
CN 2561 in Edmonton Alberta
The train had CN 2561 and IC 1030 for power.

I also saw another slug set working the west end of the yard. Details here.

Not a bad evening of railfanning. I'm very pleased with the shots the T1i gave me this time, especially on a cloudy evening. I don't think my S3 would have even come close to these. More to come.

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