Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Units at Winnipeg Diesel Repair Shop

CP Winnipeg diesel repair facility
My oldest son and I took a quick trip to the CP yards in Winnipeg on December 28 to shoot the units at the Winnipeg Diesel Repair Shop. We parked on Gallagher Avenue off Logan and walked across the McPhillips Athletic Grounds to take our shots.

The first unit that really stood out was CP 1625, lettered for the St. Lawrence & Hudson, a CP subsidiary.
CP 1625 in Winnipeg

CP 5878 and CP 1507 were moving the matched set CP 3028 (mother) and CP 1128 (slug) to the shop. The 3028/1128 set is often seen on the CP La Riviere sub doing local switching.

SOO-painted CP 6030 was also in evidence.
CP (SOO) 6030 in Winnipeg

There were also a couple of blue CEFX leasers around. View complete list


jddc.trains said...

I was wondering where 1625 had gone too! It use to come up the Mayland Height Spur in Calgary once in a while. The spur crosses Barlow Trail and runs right across the street from my office. Come to think of it, the last few trips, CP has been using GP38's for power up that spur and I don't recall seeing too many GP9's hanging around the yards.

Unknown said...

STHL 1625