Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some Recent Trains

I wanted to share a few trains I saw recently. I parked near Diamond with my laptop at noon time on the 23rd, hopping out to shoot trains as they went by. Not a bad way to spend a noon hour.

First up was CN 103, which showed up just as I arrived near Diamond. CN 2296 was the lead engine.
CN 2296 outside Winnipeg

CN 8837 was mid-train. Note the "new tire" on the rear of the truck.
CN 8837 in Winnipeg

CN 8012 was pushing on the rear.
CN 8012 in Winnipeg

About an hour later, the Canadian came rolling along.
VIA 6455 leading the Canadian

This was still a summer consist with 20 cars... not bad.
VIA Rail Canadian

About 15 minutes later, CN 104 came rolling in with two SD70s for power. CN 5619 was on the head end...
CN 5619 on CN 104

... and Illinois Central 1039 was behind her. I miss the black IC engines but this doesn't look too bad.
IC 1039 on CN 104

I didn't realize they were meeting CN 199 until I noticed that CN 5619 had her headlights dimmed. I wasn't quite in the right place to catch the actual meet.
CN 2600 on train CN 199

Nice to see those BC Rail units still kicking around.
BCOL 4606 on train CN 199

That was the end of trainspotting for me for that day. It was nice to get out and exercise my new lens. I'll have to write about the lens soon. :)

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