Monday, October 02, 2006

CN 436 en route

An unusual train is on its way to Halifax. CN train 436 is bringing seven (7) locomotives to Halifax for shipment overseas.

The locomotives are DRS 66414-66420 and are "class 66" locomotives from the EMD plant in London, Ontario. They were to be collected by the Goderich-Exeter Railway (GEXR) on October 1. They are due to arrive in Newport in the UK around October 20.

436 has run before, perhaps once a year or so, bringing export locomotives. It is typically powered by a single unit, often an SD40 if memory serves.

Ron Pelletier reported that 436 arrived in Joffre, Quebec this morning (October 2) at 07:45 and left after 08:45, following CN 148 and ahead of CN 402. 436 may pass 148 on the way or it may follow 148 to Edmundston, NB. It should be in Halifax by Tuesday morning if all goes well.

More information on the shipment
More information on class 66 locomotives

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