Sunday, October 08, 2006

Railfanning on the run

On my way back from Steve Dickie's and Sarah Linley's beautiful wedding, I managed to see a couple of trains.

As we approached Amherst on the TCH, I looked back toward Nappan and saw a westbound freight approaching. It had to be CN 307! We went to Fort Lawrence, and within a minute or two it came into sight. It was pouring out smoke as the units accelerated out of Amherst onto the tangent heading toward the Tantramar Marshes at 11:35.
CN 307 at Amherst

The consist was CN 5433, CN 5760, CN 5743 with 5 loaded centerbeam flats and 23 autoracks (including one articulated unit).
CN 5433 on train 307

It's a green light to the marshes:
CN 307 in the Tantramar Marshes

Later I called VIA and found out that VIA 14 was on time. We exited and waited near Painsec Junction for 14 to come. It didn't take long for it to come by at 12:19. I had the video camera on the tripod and pointed my still camera at the train... only to realize I forgot to turn it on. I got a lovely shot of the side of the first unit. This is from the video:
VIA 14 at Painsec Junction

And here's the trailing Park car... 8710??
VIA Park car
Beautiful colours this time of year.

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