Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October 11

2005: I was in Winnipeg, Manitoba shooting trains on the CN mainline. I saw nine trains in four hours, 8 CN and 1 CP. Here's my blog entry for October 11 2005.

2004: I saw NBEC train 578 shunting the UPM yard in Miramichi. NBEC 1867 and 1856 were drilling the yard, frequently going on the bridge over the Miramichi River.

2003: I wasn't railfanning, but other railfans around the region noted a few sightings.
  • The CBCNS was borrowing a couple of CN units, CN 5367 (SD40-2) and CN 9581 (GP40), spotted in Stellarton, NS (Geoff Doane)
  • A few oddball units were seen in Moncton, including CN GP40 9416 and two CN GP9 units in the Gordon Yard, 7038 and 7248 (Wendell Lemon)
2002: No reports

2001: I was travelling north through New Brunswick and saw quite a few NBEC units.C-424 4210 was paired up with RS-18 1856 in Miramichi. I spent quite a bit of time in Campbellton looking at the dead lines and watching CFMG train 402 arrive in the dark. Units spotted during the day included RS-18s 1809, 1818, 1830, 1856, 1857, 1859, 1867, 1868; C-424s 4210, 4219, 4230; SD40s 6902, 6904, 6908, 6910; and some MOW equipment. I really should make a blog entry for that day - it was a good one!

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