Saturday, October 28, 2006

Today in McAdam

I took my two youngest kids to McAdam today in the hope of seeing the eastbound freight. Given that my last attempt failed, I went a lot earlier this time.

As I was driving toward Harvey, my McAdam source called me and told me the freight was leaving Brownville Junction at 10:40 and would likely not be in McAdam until 14:00 or 14:30. No worries about missing it!

I decided to do a little detour and check out Watt Junction to see what was there... I'll get into that later. I ended up in McAdam by noon. There I saw a most interesting sight.

CN 7000 was sitting in the yard. It turns out that Friday's westbound used 7000 for power, but since the CN leased units can't enter the U.S., they dropped it and took the McAdam switcher.

We went to eat at the Family Cafe, then we visited the library for a few hours. My source dropped by and told me the freight just cleared Vanceboro after 15:00, so I headed for the west end of the yard to video it coming in. I set up just behind a string of empty NBSR log cars, and the freight rolled into view at 15:15.

NBSR 2317, 2318 and 9802 led a string of centerbeam flats and boxcars, with a couple of container cars and about six or seven autoracks on the end.

They did a quick stop at the station, made their drop and pickup, and tacked CN 7000 on behind 9802.

They rolled out at 15:45 with the new crew. I shot them leaving, and I'm including this photo to show the difference in paint shades between newly painted 2318 and faded 9802.

By this time it had started to rain a bit.

I drove to Harvey, respecting speed limits, and easily beat them there. They rolled through at 16:16.

I gave up the chase after that and headed home.

You can click on any of the photos to see a larger version.

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Anonymous said...


Great catch! Nice to see the 7000 is getting out of the yard to see some scenery. Its always nice to know when they are running on that end of the line.

Shawn D.