Saturday, April 21, 2007

CN 149 at Cantor

Today I decided to do something different and try to railfan CN, rather than the usual NBSR. I loaded the two youngest kids in the van and we headed toward Chipman, leaving Fredericton a little after 10 AM. I figured we had a chance to catch CN 149.

We arrived at Cantor (Hardwood Ridge) at about 10:50. I noticed the east-facing signals were showing green over red, and the west-facing signals were red over red. I parked and started setting up to tape the westbound train that was coming. Suddenly I heard someone say "CN Cantor" on the scanner, so I knew the train was imminent. I finished setting up the tripod, put the video camera on it, and prepared to take some shots.

Suddenly I heard the blast of CN 149's horns as she rounded the corner at the highway 10 crossing.

CN 2200 and 2529 led a long train past me.

And just like that, it was over. I decided to proceed to Chipman anyway, just in case something else came along. The only thing I saw in Chipman was this MOW thingie:

We had a nice lunch at a diner in Chipman, then I drove around a bit. I found this vantage point near a park on highway 123 that offers a good view of the Chipman bridge.

On our way back, I checked the signals at Hardwood Ridge and they were all red.

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