Thursday, April 19, 2007

An NB Southern chase

Dave Dineen has posted photos here from his chase of an eastbound NB Southern train on Saturday April 14.

As Dave described them to me:
#013 rounding the curve into the Tracy straight away.
#017-2 is on the straight away in Tracy.
#021-2 a crossing just outside Fredericton Jct, near the lumber mill
#024-2 is at Clarendon.
#027-2, 028 are taken at the highway crossing at Welsford.
#031-2, 032-2 were taken in between the Britain Rd. and the River Rd. along the Nerepis River.
#036-2 is on the straight stretch just outside South Bay.

I found the photos interesting for several reasons. Firstly, I saw a few locations I haven't shot from before. Secondly, where he shot from the same locations the photos are composed differently from my shots. Different perspectives.

I encourage you to check them out.

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