Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kevin's photos from August

Kevin G sent me some photos from a chase of VIA 14 and 15 he did back in August. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't moved them from my inbox since then. I'm way behind on email. That being said, here are what I think are the best of them. Thanks for sending them! I understand Kevin's friend Mario took these photos while Kevin was taping the trains.

First, VIA 6427 leading Operation Lifesaver VIA 6411 and VIA 14 somewhere between Moncton and Amherst.

Next, CN 4724 and another unit in Gordon Yard at Moncton.

Finally, VIA 6400 leads VIA 15 out of Moncton. I quite like this one.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, it's me Kevin again. I was not the one who took the photos, it was my friend Mario who took em