Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NBEC and VIA sightings, September 4

Here are a few NBEC and VIA sightings from yesterday (September 4)...

VIA 14 arrived in Miramichi a few minutes early, with VIA 6428 and Operation Lifesaver unit 6411 leading a Renaissance train. I didn't catch the name on the Park car - too busy dreaming as it rolled by, I guess.

At the other end of the (mostly empty) yard, CFQC 3000 and NBEC 1840 sat idle by the crew shack, and CFMG 6907 lurked in the background.

I headed north after the Ocean left. I heard a squawk on the RTC channel around Pointe Verte, and I figured it was the daily freight #402. I arrived at the east end of the Belledune siding just before noon, and saw nothing. I figured I would go to the west end of the siding, and if there was nothing, that was it. Imagine my surprise when I saw a couple of SD40s just west of the siding. Train 402 had just finished pulling four loaded centerbeam flats from Chaleur Lumber and was ready to continue east/south to Bathurst. After I pulled the lucky horseshoe out of my butt, I set up the tripod and taped them leaving while I took a few snaps. My old nemesis Railpictures liked this shot.

Train 402 had CFMG 6906, CFMG 6903 with 86 cars.

Later in Bathurst, I found NBEC 1821 and 1845 (train 586) working the yard while 1851 was at rest by the station. I figured the return freight NBEC 403 and I would pass each other between Bathurst and Miramichi, and I was right. When I arrived at Miramichi around 16:40, CFMG 6907 had just finished assembling its train #402 to take down to Moncton.

CFQC 3000 and NBEC 1840 were buried back in the yard, idle.

That was a good day to see trains.

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