Monday, September 03, 2007

Saturday's NB Southern Eastbound Freight

For September 1 I decided to take my usual path up to McAdam to see the eastbound freight. The weather was OK but pretty cloudy. We arrived in McAdam at 13:00 to find the eastbound already there, and ready to head to Saint John. I guess it was running pretty early!

I left fairly quickly, to ensure I got a video of them leaving McAdam. First, one more shot from the other side.

They crossed the highway at 13:10 with NBSR 2317, 2612, 9801, and 2319 with 18 cars.

Here's the video of the freight leaving McAdam.

They made excellent time to Harvey Lake. I arrived there and was busy setting up my tripod when I heard the rumble in the distance. I barely had time to put the video camera on the tripod and turn it on before they arrived at 13:52.

It was a short trip!

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