Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saint John Tuesday

I had a quick trip to Saint John Tuesday morning and here is what I saw on the way.

As I approached Chesley Drive in Saint John, I saw three NBSR units running light toward Island Yard. On the scanner they said they were going to pick up 40 cars to bring back to Dever Road. At 09:40 NBSR 2317, 9803 and 2610 entered Island Yard. I wasn't able to get ahead of them, so no pictures.

As I passed Island Yard I saw CN 5757, 2454 and I think 5678 by the shop building, ready to go out as CN 405 later.

A portion of a local train was on the track by Staples paralleling Russell Street, with ten cars and caboose NBSR 79635 ready to lead the way. No engine in sight!

On my way out around noon, I saw SW1200RS NBSR 3703 and GP9 3701 shunting the west end of the Dever Road yard.

I took a little video with my Canon S3 and here it is.

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