Friday, October 24, 2008

Locomotive Number Plates

Recently a good friend gave me some number plates he purchased at North Bedeque Antiques on Prince Edward Island. I am grateful for them, and I asked if he would mind going back to see what other engine numbers were available there. This is the list he gave me, current as of late September. They are all CN number plates as far as I can tell.

1759 - quantity 2 (MLW RSC-14)
2004, 2023, 2028, 2038 (MLW C-630M)
2102 (BBD HR616)
2314, 2317, 2322, 2334 (MLW M-636)
3529, 3581 (MLW M-420(W))
8710 (MLW S13u)

The store is North Bedeque Antiques, North Bedeque (near Summerside), PEI, postal code C1N 4J9. Thelma Moase is the owner and the telephone number is (902) 887 3298.

Don't forget that Ron Leblanc had number plates for sale as well.

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