Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photos From Amsterdam

Here are a few photos from Amsterdam.

Two trains race into Centraal Station. The rear one is a "Sprinter".

The Thalys train outside Centraal Station. Apparently it goes between Amsterdam and Brussels, and also to Cologne and Paris.

"Every train has 8 synchronous AC traction engines, producing 8.800 kW. Has a weight 385 tons. Is 200 meters long. Has a capacity of 377 seats (120 in Confort 1 and 257 in Confort 2)"

One of Amsterdam's wonderful trams. They are very popular and pleasant to ride on. Note the Maintenance-of-Way (MOW) equipment on a back track.


Unknown said...

I just love Amsterdam and the Netherlands. I love their public transport like their trains and trams, and especially their bike paths.

I was there last summer. I got to Amsterdam Centraal by taking a slower Inter-City train (which was crowded, didn't even have a seat at first) from Antwerp. Then I took a Sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal to Hilversum. I saw something that caught my eye around there, an old Ontario Northland railcar! From Hilversum I then took an inter-city train from there to Hannover in Germany, so I could then take a Metronom train to Göttingen.

There's a funny story about the intercity train from Hilersum to Hannover. I later found out that the train begins at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport all the way to Berlin-Ostbahnhof. I believe there were 3 or 4 trains per day. As I was leaving Amsterdam I didn't catch the next tram to Centraal Station, so I then missed the next Sprinter train, thus missing the intercity train in Hilversum. I had to wait a few hours there. It turns out that this intercity train also stopped in Amsterdam-Zuid, which was next to where I was staying!

So many trains and stations...too much for this simple-minded Canadian. I am very used to our very simple timetables!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Kevin, thanks for commenting! I loved the public transit in Amsterdam and the bikes too. You had to be careful where you walked because of the many dedicated bike paths... not for pedestrians! I had a few bike bells rung at me before I figured it out.

We only rode the train from and to the airport, but it was fast and convenient, much like train travel elsewhere in Europe.