Wednesday, December 23, 2009


RDC units at IRSI in Moncton
IRSI in Moncton, spring 2009

Industrial Rail Services Inc. (IRSI) in Moncton, NB has had a fleet of ex-VIA RDC units for quite some time, hoping to refurbish them and sell them to passenger railways. They refurbished one, 6202, to a very high standard and it has been leased to VIA on occasion. It looks like their wait is over, for six RDCs at least. This article talks about a deal to rebuild six RDCs, as well as IRSI's contracts to refurbish 98 LRC cars and 21 Renaissance cars.

IRSI is doing the body and electrical work. The LRC passenger car trucks, RDC trucks and transmission rebuilds are contracted elsewhere.

IRSI has been doing work for VIA for some time, mostly on Renaissance cars. They also do locomotive work, such as the Arcelor Mittal SW1500s they have been rebuilding.

This article talks about the possibility of using RDCs between London and Sarnia, Ontario.

Thanks to Tom Box and Wendell Lemon for the information.

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