Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whither the Canadian?

I went out at noon today to shoot the westbound Canadian. It was a beautiful sunny day in Winnipeg, with a temperature of -8 Celsius. Very nice for December.

I saw two westbound CN freights while waiting for the Canadian. I set up on the stub of Wilkes Avenue west of Kenaston, just for someplace different to shoot. The first train rolled by at 12:09 with CN 2541, 2401 and shiny 2291 pulling a long intermodal train.
CN 2541 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The second train (at 12:26) was headed up by CN 2306 and 8846, with a number of pipe loads on the head end, and a lot of empty centerbeam flats and a few tank cars trailing.
CN 2306 in Winnipeg Manitoba

Right after that freight passed, I heard CP going north across the diamond at St. James Junction. I couldn't hang around any longer, so I don't know when and if the Canadian rolled through.

EDIT: Apparently the Canadian was 10 hours late leaving Toronto, so that was why it was late coming to Winnipeg. It was due into Winnipeg at 13:40, 5 hours 40 minutes late, so they made up some time along the way. I'm glad I didn't wait around for it!

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