Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Stop and Go

I went up to Wilkes Avenue Tuesday (Dec 1) at noon to catch the Hudson Bay. I realized after I arrived that the schedule was changing effective that day; I wasn't sure if the Hudson Bay was even departing on Tuesday through the winter.

I took position just east of Kenaston. Soon I saw a freight approaching on the south track from the west. It turned out to be a long intermodal train led by CN 2262 and 2296.
CN 2262 in Winnipeg
They rolled past, with a toot of the horn and a friendly wave from the (management) engineer, then came to a stop with the head end by the golf dome. Huh? Why did they stop? They had a green signal, so no reason to stop at all...

An unmarked van drove up on the north side. I think they were doing a crew change out here on the main line to avoid any strikers that might be present nearer to the CN yard.

I relocated to the CN-CP diamond at St. James Junction to catch them starting up again. I barely got there in time before the train rumbled by. I really like the sound in this video.

After they passed, I went back to my Kenaston location. I saw another eastbound freight on the south track, following the previous intermodal. It had a red signal, due to the intermodal occupying the block in front of them, so it was approaching quite slowly. At the same time, I saw the Hudson Bay coming west on the north track. Which one would get to me first? I was hoping it would be the Hudson Bay, or else I would be blocked like this time.

Fortunately the CN freight stopped (to be met by a vehicle), and so the Hudson Bay came first.
VIA 6458 and the Hudson Bay, Winnipeg
The video was terrible so I didn't post it. Here VIA is passing the CN freight.
VIA and CN meet, Winnipeg
Right after that, CN moved up and passed me. The power was CN 2305, 5607, 2615, and ex-BC Rail 4654.

As you may recall, the CN engineers are on strike. I had been wondering why I kept seeing CN trains stopped over Kenaston Boulevard here in Winnipeg. Now I think I know why.

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