Monday, December 21, 2009

VIA Responds to Chaleur Protest

Cyberpresse article

VIA Rail responded to the recent Chaleur protest at Barachois, Quebec. VIA Rail said the dining car was withdrawn due to lack of use. I should mention that the diner is back for the holidays, but it will likely be removed again in the new year.

VIA said the Chaleur name was withdrawn because it was not recognized out of the area. They say calling it the "Montreal-Gaspé train" clearly identifies where the train is going to.

The protestors said they would like to see the train frequency go from 3/week to daily. That would require another trainset, and it would be 6/week since the Ocean doesn't run 7 days a week.

The article also provided some ridership figures: 2007: 24,000. 2008: 29,500. 2009 to date: 27,000.

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